Do you have questions about the home buying process? Do you want to know if you can qualify for a home? Are you concrened about your credit scores? Do you have student loan debt? Are you worried about money for a down payment?

If so, you need a financial planning consultation.

Financial Planning Consultation

Our financial planning consultation is a comprehensive review of your individual situation. We will review your credit, income, and assets/savings available to get you into the home of your dreams, sooner than later! 

This service has NO impact on your credit score. 


Be sure to provide your birthday, social, and address for the last 2 years. This is REQUIRED to obtain your credit report and consent.

A loan officer will contact you directly after your application is submitted.

If you have questions about the service, call our office directly (833) 425 – 6678 Ext 1

You may contact us directly for immediate assistance!

Secure Fax Line: (833) 425-6678

Providing mortgage broker services in Texas and Mississippi

COMING SOON: Georgia and Tennessee 

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